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Super Quick Housecleaning Tips

Did you ever had unexpected guests or last-minute visits at home? I’m sure you did, everyone does! But worse, did it happen just in that day when your house seems a complete mess?

Well, if you cannot follow the Keep-It-Simple Method all the time, there’s no miracles! ­čśë But there are some tips you can use to face this challenge of getting your house prep in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Design your action plan
– Select the rooms where your visitors will enter. I assume that the living room, the kitchen and the main bathroom are always included;
– Get a quick analysis of the mess within each room;
– Set the timer. If the visits arrive within 1 hour, set the timer to 45 minutes max. The remaining time will allow you to check everything one last time;
– Light some very discrete candle scent;

Step 2: Declutter each of the selected rooms
– Pick up any dirty clothes, lost shoes, bags, dirty dishes, trash, lost papers…
– Keep all the clutter in its right place, unless you don’t have enough time. In this case, just gather all the things and keep it in a separate room;

Step 3: Clean the critical spots
– Mop and/or wipe the floor;
– Wash your dishes or put it into the dishwasher;
– Clean the kitchen counter and stove;
– Clean the bathroom and change towels;
– If you have any pets, clean the litter boxes;
– Turn off the candle scent.


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