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Carpet Stink – How to get rid of it

20130103-001303.jpgSometimes, more often than we’d like, small accidents happen with all sort of liquids falling on the carpet. It can be a fallen glass of water or juice or even milk. It’s not allways easy to clean it, specially if you cannot clean it and allow it to dry outside.

Recently I had to deal with it too, when a glass of chocolat milk fall on my living room carpet. I used some paper towels to absorb most of the liquid but just one day after it started to smell a lot. It was freezing outside, so washing it and opening the windows wasn’t a solution. So I had to apply an old but really simple technique: using baking soda!

Let me explain how does it work:
– Spread a lot of baking soda all over the ‘affected’ area of the carpet.
– Let it sit over night.
– By the morning, vacuum the area thoroughly.

And say good-bye to the smell! ­čÖé

Tip: For an extra care, you could mix some drops of your favourite essential oil into the baking soda before spreading it on th carpet.


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