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Footmuff Review

Today I woke up and the snow continues out there as well as the freezing temperatures. Even though there are many other countries where the cold is quite strong than here in Luxembourg, for me this is cold as ever! I just wasn’t used to it! 😉 But I’m loving the snow, believe me! (Except when driving!)

So than I remeber to write this review on one of my favourite new items: The Footmuff!

20130116-174406.jpg Photo:

I’ve bought this one from BabyTravel. I’ve found it great as it suits almost every carseats, it’s waterproof of course and warm enough to freezing temperatures. Also, it adjusts to the baby’s head and neck so than the baby is quite protected.

A must have to every mom and dad, unless you live in a warm country! 🙂


Mommy again!

After several days away, I’m very happy to come here and tell all of you guys that I’m a proud mommy for the 2nd time! Yes, my little girl was born last 23th October, so cute, so perfect! 🙂

So, I have several thoughts to share with you about the motherhood theme. And one is the breastfeeding miracle.

I was amazed the first time I became a mom, and this time I became amazed again. It’s so wonderfull, and yet so frightening, how a little human being is so dependent on you (and yourself on him/her).

It’s true when the doctors tell us that every woman should breastfeeding his baby as long as possible, unless in very particular exceptions involving health restrictions. It is not only the best food for your baby natural growth, but also for your post-partum recovery.

However, not all is good, especially the first days or even weeks, when the mom’s breasts can be very hurt with this new experience. Even if it’s not the first time like myself. It’s very easy to give up… I’ll write more about some tips to overpass these obstacles.

If you (the reader) are a father-to-be, please note that you are a very important piece of this puzzle, as you should motivate your partner every single minute, showing her the positive side of breastfeeding and explaining that this not-so-good phase is just for a few days. If you feel like you’re not successfull, please find some help within your friends, doctor or breastfeeding support groups. Regarding this theme, family isn’t always the best solution since until recently there was a belief that not all women were capable of breastfeeding… Fortunately this thought is no longer credible by most of new moms! 😉

Maternity Bag

Yesterday, I started packing my maternity bag. I’m already 37 weeks pregnant, so I though It would be better not to risk more days without anything prepared! 😉

I’m calling it ‘Mom-For-The-Second-Time’ syndrome! During my first pregnancy,I did everything by the book, so at 28 weeks pregnant I had everything alreadry packed and prepared for the big day! This time, I thought about it, I mentally planned a bunch of details, but in practice, most of the things are being effectively done by now! So, I’m wondering what should be the third time… 🙂

Back to the main theme: The Maternity Bag. You should have in mind all the items you would need to stay 2 to 4 days in the maternity, as it would depend not only on the type of delivery, but also on the well being of the mom and the baby.

For the Mom:
– A briefcase with all your health examinations and notes done during pregnancy;
– A lightweight and dark colour dressing gown, as you will end up pacing hospital corridors, either in early labour, or later with your baby (to give him bath, for example);
-Some backless slip-on slippers, as it should be easy to get on and off;
-Some warm socks. Believe it or not, your feet can get cold during labour and during post-partum;
-2 or 3 colorful nightdresses with front-openings, as it will be helpful during breastfeeding time;
-2 or 3 Nursing bras;
Breast pads;
-A good lip balm, as your lips can dry out quickly on a warm labour ward and during breastfeeding time.
Something to help you relax or pass the time, such as a book, a magazine or even a tablet;
Hairbands or a clip, specially if you have long hair;
Toiletries and makeup items. Travel versions would save you some space. Don’t forget: deodorant, hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste;
Post-partum gridle;
Something nice and very, very comfortable to wear on the day you’ll leave the hospital. It will take a while for your tummy to go down, so you’ll probably still need your maternity clothes when you get home;
-You should also check with your hospital if you’ll need more items, as their rules may vary.

For the Baby:
-4 sleepsuits and vests;
-2 or 3 muslin squares, for mopping up any milk your baby brings up;
-2 pairs of socks or booties;
-1 hat;
-1 outfit for the trip home (all-in-one stretchy outfits are easiest);
-1 warm and soft baby blanket;
Jacket or snowsuit for winter babies;
Baby car seat;
-You should also check with your hospital if you’ll need more items, as their rules may vary.

For the Father or Birth Partner:
-A change of clothes and some comfortable shoes;
Mobile phone and charger;
-A digital camera to take photos or a short film of the early moments with your baby;
-Some snacks and drinks, so than he will be able to stay with you all the time, rather than leaving the room to search for food;
-A prepared text message to send to all of your friends and family after the big moment.

If you have other children, you should also leave some notes with their daily routine, special needs… So than whoever will take care of them will know how to maintain their day-to-day life, at least with minimal changes – A bigger change in their lifes is already coming home soon!!

If you have any pets, you should also arrange someone to take care of their needs during your absence.

Calming a Baby – Swaddling

One very effective method of calming a baby is to swaddle him. Swaddling consists basically of wrapping your baby in a soft and warm blanket in such a way that his arms are tight but the rest of his little body is comfortable enough to move if needed.

However, most of the times, just swaddling isn’t enough. Besides that, you should use the 5 S’s technique defended by Dr. Harvey Karp:
Pediatrician Harvey N. Karp tells parents to use his “Five S’s”—which simulate the womb’s environment—to turn on an infant’s calming reflex and help her sleep longer. Tip: Practice with a doll or sleeping baby.

– Swaddling – Wrap the baby securely in a blanket with his arms tucked inside.

– Side/stomach position – Hold the baby snugly in your arms on his side or stomach.

– Shushing sounds – Make yourself the sound of ‘sush’ or use white-noise machines, humidifiers, fans, vacuums, etc. The shushing should be as loud as the baby’s crying.

– Swinging – Sit yourself, put your baby in his side/stomach position and balance him slightly but effectively, without holding his head (you should just protect his head from balancing too much).

– Sucking – Let your baby suck on your finger or a pacifier.

You may learn more about this technique watching the following video:

Calming a Baby – Shantala Massage

Having your newborn in your arms for the first time can turn out quite challenging, specially when they start crying and you have no clue why!

There’s many potential solutions to calm a baby, and I’m preparing a funny chart around this theme to share with you, but today I’ll write about the Shantala Massage.

I personally used it many, many times with my first child, and I intend to use it again. Back that time I found several articles about Shantala on the internet and, honestly, it’s an amazing experience to share such relaxing moments of love.

So, the material you’ll need is quite simple:
– you
– the baby
– a comfortable and warm place to sit
– an essential oil (like Johnson’s Baby, for example)

Now, about doing the massage, I do recommend you to watch the following little movie:

Bodysuits Review

Today I’m going to talk about something aparently so simple as to choose the right bodysuits to your little baby.

It might seem really simple, but when it comes to wear a newborn or a really fussy little baby, it would help to have the easiest clothes to wear. Specially those pieces you have to wear them every single day!

That’s why I absolutely recommend to every new mom to buy only front-opening bodysuits. At least until their babies can sit by themselves. This would be of extremely help speacially during the first weeks, when you’re trying to handle all kind of doubts about dealing with a newborn.

Tummy Tub Review

I really recommend the Tummy Tub instead of the traditional bath tubs, even for the first baby baths.

It may seem a little strange at first, but after you use it, you’ll realise how natural it really should be to your little baby:
– He stays calm in the foetal position;
– He will feel relaxed with your arms around him;
– He will feel warm with water up to shoulder level.

And, besides the advantages to your baby, you’ll feel more confident and unstressed!

Tummy Tub Demo

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