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Footmuff Review

Today I woke up and the snow continues out there as well as the freezing temperatures. Even though there are many other countries where the cold is quite strong than here in Luxembourg, for me this is cold as ever! I just wasn’t used to it! 😉 But I’m loving the snow, believe me! (Except when driving!)

So than I remeber to write this review on one of my favourite new items: The Footmuff!

20130116-174406.jpg Photo:

I’ve bought this one from BabyTravel. I’ve found it great as it suits almost every carseats, it’s waterproof of course and warm enough to freezing temperatures. Also, it adjusts to the baby’s head and neck so than the baby is quite protected.

A must have to every mom and dad, unless you live in a warm country! 🙂


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