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Luxembourg – Thank You!

I’m very grateful to and particularly to Jess 🙂 who managed to write a lovely article about my recent post about Giving At Luxembourg.

You can easily find the interview in the following link:

Expat mum’s clear-out gives hope to hard-up residents

I must say that the word was really spread away as in just a few hours I got some e-mails of people interested in participate in this idea as well! It’s so wonderful! 🙂

Now it’s time to continue working on helping each other as well as ourselves. And most important, to keep the project alive!

I think it’s also time to all of us re-think the way we live. The installed economical crisis is affecting most of the families around the world, not only the poorest. This shouldn’t mean we’d all get pessimist and negative. In the matter of fact, I believe it’s our chance to reinvent ourselves and be criative!

Be Creative! Be Frugal! Be Happier with Less!

So, I’m starting a new series of posts on 101 Saving Strategies on our day-to-day life. From grocery management to cleaning stuff, from entretaining to kids activities.

Let’s share some great ideas and begin 2013 on the most positive way!

PS: Feel free to send me some ideas directly by e-mail if you prefer.


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2 thoughts on “Luxembourg – Thank You!

  1. This is great! And looking forward to your 101 Saving Strategies 🙂

  2. petit4chocolatier on said:

    So beautiful. I read the article; wonderful! Looking forward to your upcoming series 🙂

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