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Super Quick Mozzarella Calzone

If you are in a rush and you’re not in the mood for a simple pizza, you can try this calzone recipe. It’s easy and you can have it done in just 40 minutes!

It will make 2 portions.

First, you’ll need to make the dough, using the mini-pizzas recipe. Divide the dough in two parts.

20121211-192253.jpg Add tomato sauce, oreganos, 2 chopped mozzarella cheeses, ham, olives and grated cheese. Close the dough into a half moon and press the borders with your fingers. Use a fork to make small holes.

20121211-192630.jpg. Put the calzones into a pre-heaten oven at 180 degrees celsius until cooked.



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One thought on “Super Quick Mozzarella Calzone

  1. Seems to be delicious! 🙂

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