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C-Section – A hard recovery

A c-section recovery is way too longer than it is from a natural one. A cesarian is an abdominal surgery so, as any other surgery there is a recovery period that includes healing. In fact, our body needs about six months to fully recover from this type of surgery.

There are some tips to help you reducing the natural discomfort from the first days after a c-section:
– Use a pillow by your belly to help you laugh or caugh, so then you won’t fell so much pressure during these moments.
– Use an appropriate post-partum waistband under your clothes.
– Avoid drastic movements or hold heavy things.
– Walk a little inside your home and frequently change your body position to reduce wind
– Find your best position to breastfeeding your baby. Usually, it’s more comfortable to doing it when lying in bed.
– You may feel some discomfort when you go to the bathroom, especially after the second week. It will disappear during the healing process.
– If you’re feeling down or any strong sadness, please go and speak immediatly to your doctor. The earlier you avoid a post-partum depression, the less impact it will have in you and in your relationship with the baby.
– Ask your doctor about the usage of a specific skin regeneration cream to apply on your scar. In spite of being for life, there are good specialty products which help to minimize how t looks like.
– Whenever you feel itchiness in your scar, don’t scratch!! Please take a warm bath and apply a fat cream.
– You should also apply every single day a good moisturizing cream all around your belly to help your body to recover elasticity] and shape.

It’s really important that you remember that a c-section recovery is not only to heal the exterior of the skin, but also the uterus, several muscle layers, blood vessels, the fat and finally the skin.

During the first post-partum appointment your doctor will assess your body’s good recovery. He would also [aconselhar] about the right moment to initiate some exercises to help your body and, of course, your mind! ūüėČ


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