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Sewing Machine – Bring it to your home!


Is it sewing machine an old fashion item? I’m here today to prove to you that you should bring it to your home if you think so.

When it comes to creative new ideas to save money around the household theme, I’ve found one particular item where we use to spend a lot, several times a year: small sewings.

It could be just a sheath or a minor rip in your favourite cloth, but it isn’t cheap to fix. Additionaly, if you have kids, this spend would be significantly higher, should you decide to fix it or to substitute with a new pice of cloth.

So, I found that buying a basic sewing machine (I have a ‘Singer Serenade’) and reading some books and DIY articles on the web is basically all you need to mastering small [arranjos de costura] and save money on something rather simple.

What about you? Sharing the same idea?


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