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Oil Cloth – One of mom’s best friend

Are you constantly trying to get rid of those horrible stains on your dinning table linens? Are you always worried about new spots whenever your guests spoil wine or tomato sauce over the table? Are your kids always painting over your table, even if you’ve put a new cloth on top of it?

I recently found my new best friend for this matter: oil clothes. Nowadays you can easily find very nice patterns and it can be on the table all day long. Once it is dirty, you just have to simple clean it with a moist cloth, or use a cleaning product if necessary.

Some shops sell oil clothes at a very high price. I’ve found that it is cheaper to buy it from DIY stores and sew a sheath all over the cloth, if you have a sewing machine.


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One thought on “Oil Cloth – One of mom’s best friend

  1. petit4chocolatier on said:

    I have not heard of the oil cloth. I am going to look for it! Thank you : )

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