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Mommy again!

After several days away, I’m very happy to come here and tell all of you guys that I’m a proud mommy for the 2nd time! Yes, my little girl was born last 23th October, so cute, so perfect! 🙂

So, I have several thoughts to share with you about the motherhood theme. And one is the breastfeeding miracle.

I was amazed the first time I became a mom, and this time I became amazed again. It’s so wonderfull, and yet so frightening, how a little human being is so dependent on you (and yourself on him/her).

It’s true when the doctors tell us that every woman should breastfeeding his baby as long as possible, unless in very particular exceptions involving health restrictions. It is not only the best food for your baby natural growth, but also for your post-partum recovery.

However, not all is good, especially the first days or even weeks, when the mom’s breasts can be very hurt with this new experience. Even if it’s not the first time like myself. It’s very easy to give up… I’ll write more about some tips to overpass these obstacles.

If you (the reader) are a father-to-be, please note that you are a very important piece of this puzzle, as you should motivate your partner every single minute, showing her the positive side of breastfeeding and explaining that this not-so-good phase is just for a few days. If you feel like you’re not successfull, please find some help within your friends, doctor or breastfeeding support groups. Regarding this theme, family isn’t always the best solution since until recently there was a belief that not all women were capable of breastfeeding… Fortunately this thought is no longer credible by most of new moms! 😉


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