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Indoor Activities for Toddlers – Part 1

Let’s Paint:

-Use an old table plastic cover to protect your living room floor (or other open place in your home).
-Join several white sheets with tape on the back side and cover the plastic cover with it.
-Let your toddlers play on top of it with watercolors, wax pencil or simple coloring pencils.

Let’s Re-invent Paint:


-If you have babies at home, it’d be a better idea to prepare your own home made paint, as they will allways try to eat it!
-You’ll only need to mix some water, flour, a pinch of oil. You’ll need to mix all the ingredients until you reach a slightly thick consistency (add more water/flour until it’s ok). Pour the liquid in small cups (yogurt cups, for example) and add some food coloring to reach the three primary colors. If you want to achieve some of the secondary colors too, you’ll only need to mix parts of each primary colors.

Let’s Cook:

Have some fun in the kitchen and cook some of your kids favourites with them. And please, Do Not Worry with the mess for one special day! They’ll love it!

Here are some ideas:
Flower Cake Pops


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