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Comfy Food Ready-To-Go

Busy mums and dads are always looking for finding just some extra minutes each day of their already so busy day. Aren’t you the same?

One of the most important part of your life is to eat. You should always eat well and have healthy cooking habits. Not only because of your health but for all of your family’s well being, specially when you have kids.

So, in this post lets talk about some great recipe ideas to cook really good but simple and easy comfort food.

Specially now, I’m worried about the next big and happy phase of my life: my little girl (and second child) is going to meet this world in just a few weeks! 🙂 So, I’m preparing some comfy food in bigger quantities, and I’ll be freezing it in separate bowls. I’m using some tupperware bowls, as well as some aluminium boxes.

Until now, I’ve found the following yummy easy-to-cook and good-to-freeze recipes:
Fish Rice
Cod and Tomato Rice
Cod with Chickpeas
Cod with Potatoes, Eggs and Crispy Bread Crumbs
Aromatic Chicken Rice
Chicken Beer Spaguetti
Meat Pie
(I’ll write the detailed recipes separatelly)

Note that all of my mediterranean influence is in each recipe. Hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

What about you? Have other easy and comfy recipe ideas to share?


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