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Essential Cleaning items

So, are you ready to simplify your cleaning routines? Once you’ve read the Keep-It-Simple Method, you can gradually start to apply it into your daily life.

Now it’s time to simplify the items you really need to have always on hand. I recommend you t

  • A pair of resistent rubber gloves
  • A microfiber cloth (for multi-purpose cleaning)
  • A leather cloth (to clean windows)
  • An old teeth brush (to help cleaning those hidden corners or difficult small places around the house)
  • A dishwasher brush (for multi-purpose cleaning)
  • A spray bottler or vaporizer (for your cleaning product) – I’ll soon write about the most fantastic and proven saving tips around cleaning solutions in a new topic – ‘Great Cleaning Saving Tips’ (old-fashioned based)Image

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2 thoughts on “Essential Cleaning items

  1. Arnoldo Codd on said:

    i always use cleaning products that are organic, we have some organic cleaning fluids at home and in our office.`

    My own blog
    <a href="

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