Desperate Housekeeping for busy mums and dads

From one mother to another

Stuff to deal before the big day

Health-related things to do

  • First thing you need to do once you discover you are pregnant is, obviously, find an obstetrician and make an appointment. This doctor will be your very most important person during the next 9 months (and a little more, until you recover totally). You should also inform yourself about your insurance benefits regarding maternity coverage, so then you can decide which hospital would be of your preference to deliver the baby.
  • Then, you might want to buy a book about pregnancy where you will be able to find more about each and every month and trimester. You will always want to know more about the next months, the next feelings… It’s perfectly natural. But please, do not stress with it too much, otherwise all of your feelings will seem much more intense then they really are!!!

Legal-related things to do

  • During the first trimester you might find handfull to inform about your legal obligations and benefits, as well as the timmings for each one. It surelly varies from country to country, and depends on your working and/or marital status.
  • You should find all about prenatal benefits, maternal/parental leave, child benefits…
  • If you are a working mum, by the fourth month at most you should inform your company about your pregnancy.

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