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Making yourself the happiest mummy-to-be

Once your belly starts to grow visibly, you might feel really uncomfortable every time you go to bed. You might find really helpfull to buy a breastfeeding pillow to sleep with. This would be a great investment, for 3 major reasons: first, you can use it during the pregnancy as a pillow to your belly and your legs (make sure you use it between your knees); secondly, you’ll be able to use it during breastfeeding and thirdly, you could use it to lay down your baby on the floor or later, to help him sit.

Breastfeeding Pillow

Be comfortable: once you begin to feel tight in your clothes, please do not be ashame of using some pregnant pieces, or likewise. For example, you can easily find in your regular shop some trousers with an elastic bandage within your waist. It will make all the diference.

Take care of yourself: even if you have other children, you should find some extra time to do the things you like the most: take a long bubble bath, go to the hairdresser for once, read a book, go to the movie…

Talking about movies… Please do not see too violent or too dramatic movies, only the happiest ones. Even in the happiest movie, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself crying like a baby. Didn’t you hear yet about your hormones?!

Talk to your friends, specially the others who have already children. In this period of your life you’ll be amazed how important friendship is and how strong you’ll feel the good and the bad moments.


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  1. Thanks! I’m going to analyse this option!

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